Contractor Pressure Gauges (H.V.A.C)

Contractor Pressure Gauges (H.V.A.C)

Western Gauge & Instruments (WGI) prides itself on being industry innovators in Contractor Pressure Gauges (H.V.A.C). By continually offering and using the latest in technology and measurement solutions, WGI has a long-standing reputation of providing top quality products using the best of materials and workmanship.

All WGI Contractor Pressure Gauges (H.V.A.C) roducts are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified facility and have appropriate Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) where applicable.

Contractor Pressure Gauges (H.V.A.C)

Product Description:
The WGI contractor pressure gauge was specifically designed for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing applications. The WGI contractor pressure gauge is ideal for use in any medium not corrosive to copper alloys such as air, oil, water and steam.

Case Material
• 304 Stainless Steel

Fill Fluid
• None

Lens Material
• Acrylic

• White aluminum with black and red numerals

• Black aluminum

• ± 1.0% full scale ASME B40.1 Grade 1A

Tube & Socket
• Copper alloy / Brass

Temperature Limits
• -20°C to 60°C ambient and medium

Pressure Ranges
• -30″ Hg to 600 psi

• 4½” (115mm) Dial

Our WGI Contractor Pressure Gauges (H.V.A.C) have the following Build of Materials and Product Specifications:

Case Material304 Stainless Steel
Fill FluidNone
Lens MaterialAcrylic
DialWhite aluminum with black and red lettering
PointerBlack aluminum
Accuracy± 1.0% full scale ASME B40.1 Grade 1A
Tube & SockeCopper alloy / Brass
Temperature Limits-20°C to 60°C ambient and medium
Pressure Ranges-30″ Hg to 600 psi
Sizes4½” (115mm) Dial
Part NumberRange
WH941230″ HG X 30 PSI / KPA
WH941630″ HG X 100 PSI / KPA
WH941830″ HG X 150 PSI/KPA
WH944015 PSI/KPA
WH944230 PSI / KPA
WH944660 PSI / KPA
WH9448100 PSI / KPA
WH9452160 PSI / KPA
WH9454200 PSI / KPA
WH9458300 PSI / KPA
WH9460400 PSI / KPA
WH9464600 PSI / KPA
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